i3 setup from perplex + my mods
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My changes to Perplex's Manajaro i3 setup that I'm running on Crystal

Depends (arch)

  • i3-gaps
  • polybar
  • rofi
  • pavucontrol
  • nm-applet
  • kitty
  • sharenix-git AUR
    • gnome-screenshot for default polybar screenshot config
  • ame - AUR or Crystal repos
    • Or, edit polybar's pacupdates module for non-Crystal systems
  • pacman-contrib
  • otf-font-awesome-5-free - AUR
  • noto-fonts-emoji
  • ttf-dejavu
  • xorg, xorg-xinit (obviously)


  • mkdir -p ~/.config
  • cp -rv config/* ~/.config/.